Polish Child Rights Ombudsman: "NGOs secretly change the gender of children in schools using drugs"

2. 9. 2020

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Look at this:


This is the Polish Child Rights Ombudsman, talking about sex ed in school, or rather about the possibility of allowing outside NGO's to step in where the Polish state has utterly failed to provide Sex Ed in schools: 

Ombudsman: "Can we guarantee, can you guarantee, that we will let those educators to 20 000 schools and they will introduce such information like, for example, in Poznań, that they find a child - a neglected one and emotionally unstable, and they give it - those very educators from those institutions - some pharmacological drugs to change its gender without the knowledge of its parents and doctors? This is what we are preventing."

Journalist (with disbelief): "Sex educators give children meds to change their gender?"

Ombudsman: "Such a  situation has happened, There was even a lot about it in the media recently... "

Britské listy Poland analyst Tomasz Oryński
: In a normal country, such idiot would lose his job immediately. But as I mentioned in my last piece, people of Poland get the feeling  that the ruling  PiS party  places people in their jobs ironically...



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