Opinion poll: 72,3 per cent of Czechs like President Zeman for his anti-refugee hate speech

12. 11. 2015

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67,2 per cent of Czech citizens are pleased with Czech President Miloš Zeman. 72,3 per cent of Czechs are pleased by Zeman´s anti-refugee attitudes. 68,3 per cent of Czechs happy with the way President Zeman defends "Czech national and economic interests". 59,3 per cent of Czechs like Zeman´s foreign policy.

According to an opinion poll, carried out by SANEP, Czech Citizens are particularly pleased that Zeman is sharply critical of the proposal that the Czech Republic should accept refugee quotas. They also like "his independence, his honesty, his patriotism, his truthfulness, his negative attitude to islam, his single-mindedness, his positive attitude towards Russia and China and his absence of servility towards the EU and the United States".

Miloš Zeman is particularly popular in the Czech public as a result of his negative attitude to the refugee crisis. This is because the Czech public associates the issues of the Czech national identity and sovereignty, patriotism and the defence of the national interest with a negative attitude towards the refugees, says SANEP.

The opinion poll was carried out by SANEP on 6th-9th November, 2015. A representative sample of 1102 respondents aged 18-70 years was used. SANEP is a member of the Alliance of International Market Research Institutes.

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