Muriel Blaive: I am so humbled

2. 11. 2022 / Muriel Blaive

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I AM SO HUMBLED. What a first day! writes Muriel Blaive

I can't believe the amount of responses to the open letter created by the amazing Pavel Karous. We will turn it into a petition in the coming days, the names are accumulating too fast for a letter.

Thank you so much to my friends who signed, academics or otherwise, Czechs and non-Czechs. To have here Anna Šabatová, for instance, is an amazing honour! ❤️ But you are all amazing, even those of you who are not former ombudswomen 😊 It's no little gift that the call for the letter was propagated by Jan Čulík and Jakub Patočka 😇 And now even Deník N speaks about it.

Very special thanks to the wonderful Timothy Snyder, whose name evidently made a big difference.
And last but not least, I am moved to tears by the ordinary Czechs who signed for someone they don't know, for a cause they are not necessarily very familiar with, but on principle. It is incredible. There is some decency left in this country!!!

Sign this letter here



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