An extraordinary anti-refugee rant by the Czech Deputy Prime Minister

Andrej Babiš: Czech Republic will not accept any refugees

16. 1. 2016

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The impact of the migration crisis has changed so much that accepting refugees from the Middle East in the Czech Republic is out of the question, says the oligarch, Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Czech Finance Secretary Andrej Babiš (himself an immigrant from Slovakia).

"Just as Slovakia has demanded, the European Union should organise an extraordinary summit to deal with the refugee attacks in Cologne and other cities. Such a summit should be in session, permanently, for 24 hours a day, until the EU politicians finally act," said Babiš in an interview for the Právo daily on Saturday 16th January. He continued:

"The flow of the refugees must be firmly stopped in Turkey before the European border. It must be stopped completely. The internal Schengen borders must be sealed. We also must fight the people smugglers - it is not permissible that the police in Izmir should oversee the continuing illegal business with rubber boats after Turkey has been given 3 billion euros by the European Union. Merkel has just invited these people to come, prior to that they were waiting for peace in the camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. If some countries still want to accept refugees, they should fly them into their own countries. Europe must send a message that it is full and no more people should be coming."

"We are not dutibound to accept anyone and we are not even now able to do so. Our primary responsibility is to make sure that our own citizens are safe. The Czech Republic has enough of its own problems, people living on the breadline, single mothers. The West European politicians keep repeating that it is our duty to comply with what the immigrants want because of their human rights. But what about the human rights of the Germans or the Hungarians? Why should the British accept that the wealth which has been created by many generations of their ancestors, should be consumed by people without any relationship to that country and its culture? People who are a security risk and whose desire it is not to integrate but to destroy European culture?

The public service media in some countries have been brainwashing people. They have been avoiding problems with the immigrants. Politicians have also been lying to their citizens. This has only increased tension between the indigenous population and the immigrants. It is not acceptable that Europeans should have fewer rights than immigrants. 

It is unthinkable that the indigenous European population should adapt themselves to the refugees. We must do away with such nonsensical political correctness. The refugees should behave like guests, that is they should be polite, and they certainly do not have the right to choose what they want to eat. Europe and Germany in particular are undergoing an identity crisis. There is a deep chasm between what people think and what the media tell them. We will learn what the real views of the citizens are in the next elections. You will see to what extent people approve of Mrs. Merkel's policies.

Many of the Middle Eastern refugees are unusable in industry. Many of them are also basically illiterate and they only know two German politicians - Merkel and Hitler.

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