"Haven't we done enough for that scum?" Czechs rage against IKEA for releasing a multicultural advert

31. 5. 2017

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Just as many Czechs were angered by a recent advertising leaflet published by the Lidl supermarket which featured a young black man wearing a Lidl jacket, a number of Czechs have now been scandalised by IKEA's facebook advert featuring the firm's Climate Action Challenge, a development programme. 

"Are you a professional designer, do you own a start-up company, are you a student or do you just simply have a creative mind which is interested in our future? Do you have ideas for inspirational and practical solutions to fight climate change? Do you wish to help people how to come to terms with the impact of climate change? Join the Climate Change Challenge, which is supported by the IKEA Foundation http://bit.ly/2pU00U6"

"Why are you manipulating us trying to force us to respect the refugees and their culture and to help them? What does this have in common with a commercial firm such as IKEA? We reject multiculturalism. Sweden is a proof of how damaging multiculturalism is," said one of the critics.

"The future? This is a text in Czech ... and were are white children? I am not exaggerating, I can see everything, I am not blind. You are trying to manipulate our subconsciousness. This is no exaggeration. The Czech nation wishes to keep its country for its children," said another.

"Beware, IKEA has published a picture of non-white children on its Facebook page!! After that horrifying mistake they will surely go bankrupt because decent people will now buy nothing there. Good bye."

"Have we not done enough for this scum recently? What have they done for us? Is it our fault that they multiply like rats and then have nothing to eat? Are we to blame for their civil wars? I will not give them a penny. Let them take care of themselves and, mainly don't let them come here!"

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