Czech parliament will debate "the recognition of Crimea, which is Russian"

8. 12. 2017

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Two Czech parliamentary parties demand that the Czech Republic should recognize Crimea as part of Russia. The press office of the Czech Communist Party told the Russian daily Izvestia that the incorporation of Crimea into Russia "is a fact" and it has taken place in line with international law. The Czech extreme right wing party Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) also holds this view.

Both the Czech Communist Party and the SPD party have started the procedure to initiate a debate on this matter in Czech Parliament. They have invited a delegation from Crimea to participate in the debate in Prague. Andrej Babiš's Ano party is "aware" that voices demanding the recognition of the incorporation of Crimea into Russia are now "ever more frequent" in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Communist Party is of the opinion that that incorporation of Crimea into Russia has been made necessary by a putsch in Kiev, during which nationalists took over power in Ukraine. The "putsch" was the result of US interference which "had financed it".

Andrej Babiš has said many times that anti-Russian sanctions are "unnecessary". Czech President Miloš Zeman has called on Kiev to give up its demand that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine.

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