Czech daily newspaper Lidové noviny: "The white man in Europe is being threatened by genocide"

19. 7. 2016

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In the wake of the Nice attack, the Czech daily Lidové noviny, which often pretends to be the Czech equivalent of The Times of London, has published an openly racist commentary:

"The European Union is incapable of providing safety for 'its own people'. Everything is camouflaged by political correctness. It is the fault of the European politicians. In the past, they started their colonialist conquest and now, since the Second World War, they have been reaping its rotten fruit by opening the European borders to the inhabitants of their former colonies. But the Czechs have not shared in any colonial wealth and so they do not have any moral duty to accept refugees from these former colonies.

Thus the era of multiculturalism, the era of social engineering, supported by dozens of activist organisations, started. The European countries opened their arms to everyone regardless of the interests of the original inhabitants of Europe.

Races are being mixed in Europe these days practically as a result of the European politicians' orders. Of course, races do mix in various parts of the world continually, but normally this is a natural, slow process. Our European politicians are trying to mix the races quickly, during their time in power. No wonder this produces violence and terrorism. Immigrants have always been coming as hordes who have never assimilated, but created ghettoes which maintain their hatred.

Mrs Merkel and politicians like her have started a forced mixing of races. The white race will be gradually liquidated and we, Europeans, will be brown or black. This is a genocide of the white people.

I do not want to defend the mass murderer Joseph Stalin but the contemporary European policy is probably much worse in many respects than his.

What is to be done? We must depose our politicians before they replace the population of Europe!"

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