Czech PM Babiš: It does not matter that my government does not have Parliament's confidence

11. 2. 2018

Although Andrej Babiš's ANO movement won the general election which was held in the Czech Republic in October 2017, his party has managed to secure only 78 seats in a 200-seat parliament. Babiš has since then formed a minority government, but he has failed to secure a vote of confidence in the Czech Parliament, so his government currently operates without the Parliament's support. As a result, Babiš's minority government has officially "resigned", but it continues working and remains in place, although it has not a mandate to govern.

According to Babiš, this does not matter. Under normal constitutional procedure, a new government must secure support in Parliament within 30 days.  But the newly re-elected Czech President Miloš Zeman has now given Babiš an indefinite period of time to try to secure a vote of confidence in Parliament for his government.

"We in the government are working at full speed. Our government is working, it is functioning normally and we do not see any difference in whether we are a government that has resigned or a government which has not secured the support of parliament. I of course am trying to work normally in the government and I am trying to sort out many problems which need to be sorted and we work on a number of new laws, proposed by the individual political parties, whether they be the communists the [extreme right wing] SPD Party, or the Pirates,"  said Babiš on Czech Television and continued:

"I really do not think that it matters that my government has not obtained the support by Parliament. Czech constitution does not stipulate that this is necessary and we have really, since 14th December 2017, when our government was formed, been working at full speed, even in the area of foreign policy I think we are working intensively for the benefit of this country. It does not matter that we are a government that has resigned, that we are a government which does not have the support of the Parliament. We are working very hard, exerting the same effort and working with the same intensity implementing our government programme for the benefit of the citizens."

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