Former secretary of the Czech extreme right-wing party SPD has been charged with inciting racial hatred

21. 2. 2018

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Czech police has charged Jaroslav  Staník, until this week Secretary of Tomio Okamura's extreme right-wing SPD party, with inciting racial hatred. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to three years' imprisonment. Staník resigned from his post on Monday 19th February.


Heavily drunk Jaroslav Staník said in the restaurant in the Czech Parliament that all homosexuals, Roma and Jews should be shot immediately after birth. He also said that they should be gassed. He was heard by several legislators.

For many years, Jaroslav Staník was a member of the Czech Social Democratic Party. He was expelled in 2012 when he started closely cooperating with Tomio Okamura. 

"Jaroslav  Staník is not our Secretary, he is not even a member of SPD," said Okamura's SPD party in a press release on Wednesday morning. 

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Tomio Okamura's extreme right wing party SPD (Movement for Freedom and Direct Democracy) has  22 seats in the 200-seat Czech Parliamen. Tomio Okamura holds the post od Deputy Speaker of the Czech Parliament. Okamura´s views are summed up in this video of his: 



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