Women are often at least partially guilty if they are raped says a highly regarded Czech police textbook of criminology

24. 8. 2017

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Did you know what the formulation "low level sexual violence" covers up? And how important it is for the prevention of rape that women should be properly covered up? The fourth edition of the Czech police textbook Criminology will explain all this to you.

The publisher's blurb says the following about the textbook: "This is a textbook written by a team of top Czech criminologists and university professors primarily for students of law and students studying at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic."

Referring to Jan Chmelík, a revered Czech criminologist theorist,  the chapter entitled Crimes against morality lists several "typical situations" which constitute "an important part" of most cases of rape. Apparently, it is typical that the victim of rape often "exaggerates the impact" of rape. In many cases,  the "damage done to the victim is minimal, the victim has suffered no physical damage to her body". This, according to the textbook, usually means that the victim is "reporting a crime of rape only in order to justify herself in front of her husband, her boyfriend, her parents".

The textbook says that if a rapist acts under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this  means that his criminal responsibility for the act is "low".

The textbook continues:

"Masochism of the victim. Some women are masochistic and they demand that the man should behave violently towards them because it sexually arouses them. This is why forced sexual intercourse, physical violence such as beatings, using whips or other instruments to make the woman to consent to intercourse cannot be regarded as a crime.

"The guilt of the victim. Many victims, i.e. women, often behave provocatively. By using coquetry, intrusive and provocative behaviour, by baring their bodies etc. they provoke in the man, often deliberately, desire for sex. They fire up his sexual imagination. Rape and sexual violence happens because the man is then unable to control his sexual instinct and demands sex by violent means. There are also the cases when the female  victim first basically agrees to sexual intercourse, but later, during intercourse or shortly before it she says no because she starts fearing the consequences."

It is obviously no joke for victims of rape in the Czech Republic who find the courage to report the crime to the police.  

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