A Czech secondary school has received dozens of letters demanding that a pupil should be expelled because she is a muslim

15. 4. 2016

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The headmaster of a secondary school in the northern city of Teplice in the Czech Republic has received dozens of letters demanding that a second year student at his school should be expelled because she is a muslim. The student, Eman Ghaleb, comes from Yemen and has been living in the Czech Republic since she was five. She is a muslim believer.

"The calls to expel this student are absolutely nonsensical and unacceptable. To demand that I should expel someone from our school for his religious belief is unreal," said the headmaster Zdeněk Bergman.

"I am a Czech and I fear for my country and its future. Our children and our young people are our future. I do not want my children to be threatened by muslims and by islam. This is why I call on you not to be indifferent to our children. You must defend them from muslim and islamic propaganda," says a typical letter, one of many received by Mr. Bergman.

The authors of the letters complain that the muslim pupil is disseminating "islamic propaganda". The school has organised various events, including a "muslim weekend" during which several muslims living in the Czech Republic introduced their countries. A specialist from the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences gave a lecture. Apart from a muslim weekend, the Teplice school has also organised a week of Jewish culture, Vietnamese days and has invited representatives of Christian churches to give lectures.

"I will adhere to a thought contained in the Talmud," said Headmaster Bergman. "You will not join the majority if it commits evil."

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