Right wing extremists from 14 countries met near Prague to organize Europe-wide anti-refugee demonstrations

24. 1. 2016

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Antiislamic and anti-refugee activists from 14 countries met in Roztoky, Czech Republic, a town outside Prague, to organise a series of coordinated anti-refugee demonstrations in 14 different countries in Europe. The demonstrations will take place on Saturday 6th February and they will be linked by giant video screens. The demonstrations are planned for Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland and other countries. The primary organiser of the demonstrations is the German anti-refugee movement Pegida, which has now coordinated its activities with Czech right wing extremists Tomio Okamura from "Dawn - National Coalition", and Martin Konvička from "The Anti-Islamic Bloc". Konvička is being prosecuted in the Czech Republic for hate speech. The Roztoky meeting was attended by Tatiana Festerling, a Pegida leader, who told journalists in the Czech Republic that the policy of the German government towards the refugees is "a catastrophe".

Marek Černoch, the Deputy Chair of "Dawn - National Coalition" told the Czech newspaper Lidové noviny that he expects "thousands" of people to take part in the anti-refugee demonstration in Prague and "tens of thousands" to take part in the anti-refugee demonstrations in other European cities "because the citizens are very angry with what some Europen politicians, such as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are doing".

In connection with the Roztoky meeting, "Dawn - National Coalition" has published a declaration:

"We are aware of the fact that European civilisation, which has lasted for a thousand years, could be soon destroyed if islam conquers Europe. We are also aware that the European elites have betrayed us. This is why we say:

- We will not give up Europe to its enemies. We will fight political islam, the extreme islamic regimes and their European collaborators.

- We will not obey the centralist government of Europe. The rule of Brussels and of the global elites has brought us poverty, unemployment, corruption, chaos and moral disintegration. It is high time to do away with it.

- We regard it as an inalienable right of the citizens of every European country to defend their borders and to decide which immigrants to accept or reject  on the territory of their country."

Martin Konvička told journalists that the organisers of the demonstrations "are people who want to protect Europe from a vicious mediaeval ideology which is incompatible with the values of freedom, democracy and human dignity. They want to defend civic, human and political rights which the Europeans have won for themselves during the past thousand years."

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