An Indian student was beaten up in Prague "for being a muslim"

17. 5. 2016

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A 23-year-old Indian student was attacked in Prague early on Sunday morning for not being white. A drunk thirty-year old man hit him in the face several times, shouted that he was a muslim, did not drink alcohol and did not eat pork. "I could have returned the blows, but I did not," said the student.

Having been attacked, the student dialled a police help line, but they took more than ten minutes to come. The student tried to explain to the attacker that he was not a muslim, but the attacker continued being vulgar to him and then also to the police. The Indian student told the police he did not want to press charges: "I wanted him personally to realise that what he did was wrong," said the student. "If I agreed that he should be charged, he would hate people even more."

The Indian student said that assault had shaken him psychologically. "I felt really frightened, I realised I do not belong to this country. I never used to feel this before. I used to like Czechs, they are good people, but this incident has broken me. I will, however, continue to adhere to my values which are compassion and respect," he added.

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