Czech activist who helps refugees at Idomeni is being victimised by Czech social services

19. 4. 2016

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Eva Zahradníčková, a Czech activist who has been occasionally helping refugees at Idomeni, has been summoned by the Czech social services in the city of Brno to explain her activities. The officials at the social services office have expressed displeasure over her helping the refugees. This must mean, the officials say, that Ms. Zahradníčková is neglecting her own children.

Zahradníčková has four children, one of them is fully grown-up, the other three are minors. When Ms. Zahradníčková duly reported at the social services office she was surprised to find out that the officials in charge were primarily upset that she was helping refugees. "If you are helping refugees, it must mean that you are neglecting your own children," they said. An official told her that she has read articles in the press about Ms. Zahradníčková's activities at Idomeni and that these are unsuitable since she has children and "must take care of them". Ms. Zahradníčková has explained she only spends three days at a time at Idomeni and usually takes her children with her. She was informed that Czech social services officials will carry out an inspection in order to check the state of her children this Thursday.

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