Attention, Facebook: return my profile or it will be erased forever today!

19. 7. 2022 / Fabiano Golgo

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On December 16th, 2021, I was hacked. My Facebook account was suspended after someone managed to convince the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg that I am not Fabiano Golgo. I know that because the hacker who did so got in touch with me in an attempt of extortion. He didn't ask for money but for me to stop an investigation regarding some high members of the Catholic Church, who may have been involved in a Brno-based secret club of teenagers being groomed, which I refused. So, since then, I have been without access to the email that was used to enter my Facebook account as well as being unable to enter my profile on that social media because it has simply not analyzed my complaint.


When I was denied access to it, I filled up an electronic form which asked for a photo of me holding my passport. I sent it and got a message saying it could take longer than usual for them to decide about my case because of covid-19. The problem is that now I was informed my Facebook profile - with all its thousands of photos I don't have anywhere archived, thousands of memories and interactions, many of them important for my professional biography, hundreds of contacts and so much more - will be completely erased, forever, today, July 19th.

I was actually sort of relieved after a few days not being able to use my Facebook profile, realizing how much more tranquil and with less anxiety I was for not being able to engage in digital fights with fellow social media friends nor get frustrated at how much stupidity was shared. Life went on without problems and I enjoyed being out of the bubble. But to realize that I will lose forever a lot of my digital imprint because of a criminal and because Facebook - notwithstanding being a multibillion profitable enterprise - doesn't care enough about the damages it causes to people whom they unfairly eliminate from the platform led me to decide to make this public request, a copy of which will be sent to all possible emails from the now renamed Meta company to see if I can save it. 

Perhaps some Czech employee of the company will be able to interfere with what I consider a matter that may even need to be resolved at the courts. The social media giants are well protected by privileged legislation and their well elaborated terms of use that we agree with but as the son of a lawyer I am well aware that there is nothing that cannot be sued upon with a chance of victory.

It should not be possible for Facebook to erase forever a profile, which is an important part of today's life of a couple of billion people, without giving a better and more adequate chance of communication and defense with the company. The huge amount of users they have to deal with may require big investments in human eyes and brains to "manually" make decisions about such matters, however it is fair to expect that from such a profitable corporation.

So, I hereby publicly request Facebook, via the company Meta, to take into account that I am Fabiano Golgo and that the profile registered under the email address belongs to me. Do not erase it. Do not let a criminal hacker win. Do not be his accomplice. Thank you. 



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