Islamophobes in Prague demanded the compilation of lists of national traitors

19. 9. 2016

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A group of right wing extremists staged a demonstration on Wenceslas Square in Prague on Saturday 17th September under the slogan "Czexit - a struggle for our culture and for the security of our country".

The demonstrators chanted "Czechia only for the Czechs. Nothing but the nation. Kill Allah! Kill Allah!":

They demanded that the Czech Republic should leave the EU and "free itself of the diktat of Brussels".

Singer Olivie Žižková called on Europe to "return to Christianity. Christianity is incredibly important for us". She then sang her popular song "Europe, breathe!" which includes the following lyrics:

"Europe, breathe, look into the future, do not allow yourself to be trashed. We are strong. Europe, defend yourself, do not allow yourself to be shot. They have been given a task to go on a blood-thirsty trip. We no longer want to be just sheep going passively to slaughter."

"I have nightmares that trouble is coming. When I turn on the news, I get depressed. I prefer sḱinheads to the black gowns [of muslims]..."

The song also rejects what it calls "all the nonsense from Brussels":

According to newsreports, there were only some 300 active participants of the anti-islamic demonstration. However, as commentator J.X. Doležel remarks, what was frightening was that "the whole of Wenceslas Square" sang Olivie Žižková's song.

J.X. Doležel says in his column in the Reflex weekly:

"I personally am no supporter of refugees, but when the whole Wenceslas Square sang Olivie Žižková's song "Europe, breathe", it felt like under the Nazi occupation, [during the Nazi Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia], when Wenceslas Square was full of Czechs who all gave a Nazi salute.

"The demonstrators demanded that lists of traitors, ie. those citizens who want to help refugees, should be compiled. The demand that these fellow citizens should be gassed was not explicitly stated, but it was palpable in the context of the speeches. This was no hoax. Even the Czech News Agency has reported on this.

"What was worrying that those present greatly welcomed the idea that lists of traitors should be compiled. And they were so pleased that when Olivia started singing her hit song "Europe, breathe!" the whole of the Wenceslas Square joined in and people sang, en masse, this idiotic pseudopatriotic ditty as an expression of their hatred of immigrants."

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