Czech Interior Minister Chovanec: "The EU is paralysed by political correctness. We will not accept any redistributed refugees"

9. 4. 2016

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"The problem of the European Union is that it is run by bureaucrats. It is a constant mess and chaos and a debate during which everyone watches everyone else so that they do not breach the rules of political correctness. That will lead to the undoing of Europe," said the Czech Social Democratic (!) Interior Minister Milan Chovanec in an interview with the Právo newspaper on Saturday.

He continued: "The proposal [made by the European Commission] to redistribute immigrants throughout Europe is unacceptable for the Czech Republic. We should do what is important: to create a military and police force on the Schengen external borders and to initiate a debate with the countries of North Africa and with Syria. How will it help if half of Syria and Libya leaves for Europe? Who will be reconstructing those countries later? It is in the interest of the European Union to declare that it has military and political strength to defend its own interests and that it will only help those people who need it.

"The case of the Iraqi Christians who have run away from the Czech Republic to Germany shows clearly that redistribution quotas cannot work. It has turned out that even those refugees who came to the Czech Republic willingly do not want to stay here. There is no point trying to receive more.

"The Czech Republic is not threatened by the refugees now because Hungary and Macedonia have blocked the Balkan route. If people start coming via Italy, I expect Austria to close its borders. The Czech Republic will not have problems with incoming refugees in the next six months or so. A question is what will happen later."

The result of an opinion poll conducted amongst the readers of the Právo newspaper is attached to the Chovanec interview:

When asked "Do you agree with the re-distribution of refugees into all the EU countries?" 1,6 per cent of the respondents said YES, 98,1 per cent of the respondents said NO and 0,3 per cent said "I don't know."

10 488 readers have answered the question.

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