What to Expect from the New Parliament?

1. 6. 2010 / Michal Škop

The KohoVolit.eu (WhoToVoteFor.eu) association asked the parties running in the elections 56 questions about their plans for the next 4 years . Based on their answers we worked out an internet test (altogether it the questions were answered by about 1/4 million people). The parties' answers also allow us to see what should Czech Republic expect from their new Parliament. At this time of "looking for political program intersections" it can be an interesting insight for us all. The association will continue following whether the elected politicians will be voting according to what they promised during the campaign.

A Czech version of this article is in CLICK HERE

Here are some interesting question we've picked:

What to Expect

Cancellation of medical visitation fees (ČSSD + KSČM + VV)

Progressive tax (ČSSD + KSČM + VV)

Repeal of ecological "supercontracts" (ČSSD + ODS + KSČM)

Restriction of parliamentarian immunity (ČSSD + TOP09 + VV)

Decentralization (new State institutions throughout the country) (ČSSD + TOP09 + VV)

Election through the internet (ODS + TOP09 + KSČM + VV)

Repeal of the practice of "parlamentarian monuments" (ČSSD + TOP09 + KSČM + VV)

Establishment of special court of corruption (ČSSD + TOP09 + KSČM + VV)

End of the practice of adding limpets to unrelated laws (all)

Direct presidential elections (all)

Easier revocability of judges (all)

What to Not Expect

Referendum (against: ODS + TOP09)

Property settlement with Catholic Church (against: ČSSD + KSČM + VV)

Early withdrawal of Czech troops from Afghanistan (against: ODS + TOP09 + VV)

Possibility of taking away unproven property (against: ODS + TOP09 + VV) (here it is interesting that in Slovakia it was the Right that pushed for this law, while here the Right is against it)

Privatization of Budvaru (Czech Budweiser) and Prague airport Ruzyně (against: ČSSD + TOP09 + KSČM + VV)

Abolition of the Senate (against: ČSSD + ODS + TOP09 + VV)


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